is an age-appropriate mobile salsa dance program for pre-school and school age children. Our classes are designed to include instruction in an informal setting on:

  • Salsa and other Latin dance patterns such as Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, and Reggaeton
  • Use of Latin percussion instruments (claves, maracas, guiros, bells, bongos and more!)
  • Basic Spanish words/ language/ directions

Each class is led by a trained teacher who follows a curriculum and guides children through a series of exciting rhythms, songs and chants which range from classic to modern for each genre. Each child's learning experience is highly valued and extends way beyond the classroom setting.  Salsa is the perfect tool for learning social dance and an excellent vehicle for your child’s imagination and the best part is no experience is necessary or required!  The world of salsa dance lets kids dance, sing, spin and speak the language of Latin music in every single class. We keep kids moving to the Salsa beat and have a fun-filled fiesta in every class!

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